Now Available: A Draft Resolution on Effluent for the Proposed Golf Course

Troy Russell placed the text of this resolution on Facebook this morning, in response to a request by 100 Friends. The final resolution may differ when brought before the Port Orford City Council at its November meeting.

Draft resolution re effluent

The City Council will meet on Thursday, November 19, at 3:30 p.m. in the Gable Chambers of Port Orford City Hall, 555 20th Street. The text of an alternate resolution, if there is one, may be included in the packet prepared for the meeting. Click on the link below to go to the council meeting site, then click on the meeting date to view a pdf agenda with supporting information. Agendas are usually available on the Monday preceding the meeting.

Port Orford City Council Agenda

LUBA Appeal Filed

Oregon Coast Alliance has filed an appeal of the Curry County decision, made earlier this month, to again approve the golf course proposed for north of Port Orford. The county’s decision followed a remand from LUBA for a decision on whether the clubhouse design exceeds allowable size limits. Curry says no; ORCA says it does. See the county decision here:

Final Order

Here is the notice:

Notice of Intent to Appeal Remand Oct 2015


ERPD Is Attempting to Build Lodging on County-Owned Land Near the Golf Course

Despite early claims that there will be no lodging connected with the golf course slated for the leased portion of Knapp Ranch, Elk River Property Development sent a letter to Curry County in July requesting to buy or lease land for just that purpose. See it here, along with a hand-drawn map of the two parcels in question:

ERPD-Knapp Golf Land Purchase Letter July 31 2015
ERPD-Knapp Golf Land Purchase Map July 31 2015

The request was discussed in closed session at the August 5, 2015, regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners. See the meeting agenda and a printed map of the parcels here:

Curry BOC Agenda re ERPD Land Purchase Request Aug 5 2015
Curry Co Map ERPD Requested Lands (TL 298-299) Aug 5 2015

At the end of the month, a formal request to lease the parcels was sent to the county by an attorney for ERPD:

ERPD-Knapp Golf Land Purchase Attorney Letter Aug 28 2015

Sources say that placing the issue on the agenda openly, and including the letter and map in the information packet for the commissioners, was unintentional. But this apparent misstep alerted members of the public to what was happening.

The result of this request is at present unknown. Could there be, however, a connection between this housing project and ERPD’s efforts to connect the city to the golf course via the effluent pipeline?