Port Orford Watershed Council “Endorses” Golf Course

ERPD’s Troy Russell shared an e-mail on Facebook this morning that was sent to him by the local Watershed Council. The group finds that they “have no objection” to the golf project and that “there is potential for significant economic benefit.” Qualifying that rather tepid endorsement, they go on to say that use of effluent for irrigation “seems to us to be a great idea . . . [a]s long as it is done without any cost to the city . . .”

Click the link below to read the complete text of the letter.

POWC email to Gales 11-4-15

DEQ E-mail Correspondence

Recently, 100 Friends has obtained e-mail correspondence among various officials of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Dyer Partnership (Port Orford’s engineering consultant for water and wastewater systems), and the Port Orford City Administrator. The messages are repetitious (the nature of e-mail, of course, is to build onto previous communications) and there is a multi-page sample Recycled Water Use Plan form. But for those interested in the initiation and progress of the effort to amend Port Orford’s permits to add the golf course, here is part of the story:

E-mails re Effluent May-July 2015