Port Orford Council Tears Up and Rewrites Another Effluent Resolution

At the January 21 Port Orford City Council meeting, councillors radically revised Resolution 2016-06 to water down what had been drafted for them by Counsel Shala Kudlac.

The language had been “. . . BE IT RESOLVED . . . that the City is supportive of continued communication between Elk River [Property] Development, LLC and the City to negotiate an agreement between the parties for use of the treated effluent in the best interest of the parties involved.” But that was seen as more or less binding, requiring Port Orford to supply the commodity to a golf course that does not yet exist, in the absence of any commitment on the part of ERPD.

Though some citizens spoke in favor of rejecting any resolution as premature, the council drafted a new resolution that commits the City simply to “explore” an agreement for effluent. The resolution passed with a majority vote.

When the final text is available, it will be posted to this site. An earlier, much longer and more convoluted resolution was rejected in November.