Effluent Hearing Called Off, and Other Weirdness (with a Footnote about the Pacific Gales/LUBA decision)

Citing “notification” issues raised by counsel for the city and Elk River Property Development, City Administrator Terrie Richards said on Wednesday, April 27, that the hearing to decide whether treated wastewater would be supplied to the proposed golf course was postponed. Perhaps ERPD is unhappy with the idea of a public hearing? Just hustling the issue quickly through the Port Orford City Council didn’t work. Now for Plan B, whatever that might turn out to be.

Strangely, the Port Orford News sported this headline on Wednesday: “Council OKs sending effluent to Pacific Gales Golf Course.” That did not happen! How could the city’s newspaper of record get this so wrong?

Click the link below to view the video of the meeting on Archive.org:

P.O. City Council, April 21, 2016

An interesting bit of news arrived in the Oregon Coast Alliance Newsletter on Thursday. LUBA denied ERPD’s request for attorneys’ fees! Quoting from the newsletter:

“Elk River Property Development, the applicants for the proposed Knapp Ranch golf course near Port Orford, won the second LUBA appeal ORCA filed against the County’s golf course approval. They then sought $7,400 of attorneys’ fees from ORCA! Following that, they asked if we wanted to negotiate instead. What did they want in return? According to the email from ERPD’s attorney, ‘I believe my client would be willing to withdraw the motion for fees…If you would commit to not challenging my client’s application for the city of Port Orford’s recycled wastewater, or being involved in that process in any way, directly or indirectly[.]’ In other words, they were hoping to gag ORCA in return for dropping the claim. ORCA refused this ‘offer’ — we do not submit to extortionate pressure.”