County Leases Landfill Property for Golf Housing

At their October 19 meeting, the Board of Commissioners voted to lease a portion of the landfill area to Elk River Development LLC. Some maps and documents that the BOC considered for this meeting, as well as comments from the attorney for Oregon Coast Alliance and from a Port Orford resident, are contained in an additional packet posted after the meeting. See it here:

10-19-16 Additional

On pages 8, 9, and 10 of this packet are an aerial photo and two maps of the lease area. The most telling of these was not available to the public at the meeting — the aerial photo. Overlaid on the photo are two boundary lines, one for the leased area (in red) and one for the groundwater monitoring area around the landfill (in yellow).

It could not be plainer that the leased area hugs the landfill on the north and east sides, and that about a quarter of the lease is within the groundwater monitoring area.

Meanwhile, the City of Port Orford remains silent on the sidelines.