After Long Silence, a Pipeline Application To Come Before the Port Orford Planning Commission

Last week, notice was received of a public hearing for a conditional use permit to install a wastewater pipeline from Port Orford to the Pacific Gales golf course. View the notice here:

Pacific Gales pipeline hearing February 14, 2017

Actually, because there are two applications for CUPs, two separate hearings are required, but applicant Elk River Property Development wants them held at the same time, and they want both to be approved. Why two applications? Because two different pipeline routes are being requested, though they say only one will be built.

This is oddity number one about this action.

Oddity number two is that both of these routes extend only as far as the city boundary. What happens outside the city, as the pipeline transits the Urban Growth Boundary on its way to Knapp Ranch, is not discussed, nor is there any clue as to a Curry County Planning process to come. The county seems to be waiting for ERPD to obtain city approval, then come to them for the next step.

Following are links to the two applications:

CUP 16-02

CUP 16-03

Inch by inch this moves forward, as we are allowed to see only a bit of the elephant at a time. It must be asked, “Why is ERPD afraid to let us see their complete plan?” And the answer must be, “Because then it might not be so easy to win approval.”

Please plan on attending the hearing, set for 6 p.m. on February 14, 2017, in the Council Chambers at Port Orford City Hall.