What Conditions Would You Place on the Proposed Pipeline to the Proposed Golf Course?

The Planning Commission hearing on February 14 was only the beginning of the Conditional Use Permit process for the proposed effluent pipeline. The second round of comments ends February 21 (seven days following the hearing). Then follows a further seven days (ending February 28) for responses to the new submittals, as well as new testimony. February 28 is the last day for the public to submit comments. The applicant then has seven days to cobble together their final response to all that has gone before. They will appear at the next hearing, on March 14, to continue to make their case. Whether the hearing will close and the commissioners begin to debate at that meeting, we do not know.

View the meeting here:

Video of 2-14-17 Planning Commission Meeting

Copies of written testimony (letters and e-mails) from the first round are available from the Planning Clerk at City Hall now. Copies of what comes in tomorrow will also become available, and so on until the next hearing.

The attorney for Oregon Coast Alliance sent in the following:

ORCA Letter re CUP 16-02 and 16-03

Another substantial comment was read into the record by Planning Commissioner John Roorbach. A copy was obtained from the clerk:

Roorbach re Pacific Gales Pipeline

The City Planner’s recommendations on conditions are contained in her Staff Report. See page 10 for a summary of conditions for the pump station. On pages 17 and 21 are conditions recommended for the preferred route and the alternate route, respectively. A link to the Staff Report is here:

Staff Report