Pipeline Appeal to Port Orford City Council

On Wednesday, May 31, at 4 p.m., the City Council will hear an appeal of the Planning Commission’s approval of the wastewater pipeline routes within the city. This March 14 decision is memorialized in the commission’s Final Order: Finding of Fact and Conditions for two alternate routes plus a pumping station near the wastewater treatment plant. See:

Findings and conditions CUP 16-02 and 16-03

Oregon Coast Alliance (ORCA) appealed the decision immediately, and a public hearing was set. Here is the notice of the hearing with the agenda:

Pipeline CUP Appeal Hearing 5-31-2017

Testimony may be presented, but no new evidence will be allowed. You are strongly encouraged to attend and present comments! You may repeat your earlier testimony and conclusions, as well as incorporate new insights gained by hearing what has been presented by others in comments that are now on the record.

For a review of the Planning Commission activities, see the February 10 and 20 entries below. Comments submitted by local residents and ORCA are included in the March 14 Planning Packet (see link within the March 18 entry below).

ORCA’s appeal is based on three main points:

  • The decision fails to satisfy ORS 273.761. This concerns requirement for a 25-foot right-of-way on each side of an irrigation pipeline.
  • The proposed use is not a public utility.
  • The application did not contain enough information to determine if more conditions should be imposed, including where the pipeline will be located after it leaves the city and whether it is a permitted use in that location.  View the full appeal document here:

Notice of Appeal

Note: Identical appeals were filed for CUP 16-02 and 16-03. Only 16-02 is included in this post.