Pipeline Appeal Hearing Set for January 17

On December 14, the Curry County Planning Commission reviewed and adopted an extensive Final Order resulting from its denial of Elk River Property Development’s application to construct a recycled water pipeline over unincorporated county land to serve its proposed Pacific Gales Golf Course.

To review, the commission considered the application at its regular meetings in September, October, and November. On the 14th, we learned the full reasoning behind the decision to deny. Here is a link to all of the relevant documents on the county Web site:


The Decision Notice, Final Order, Appeal, and Notice of Hearing before the Board of Commissioners are new information. The attachments and supplement recapitulate information provided at the earlier meetings.


Appeal AD-1705 to BOC

Notice of Appeal Hearing

The staff report to the Board of Commissioners will be available on the county Web site on Friday, January 5. Comments may be supplied in writing before the hearing or presented during the hearing. See the Notice of Appeal Hearing for directions on how to present testimony. This is a de novo hearing, meaning that the relevant issues will be considered anew, and a decision will be based on evidence and arguments as presented to the BOC on January 17.

The special de novo public hearing will be held at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, in the BOC chambers, on the upper level of the County Courthouse Annex, at 94235 Moore Street in Gold Beach.