We’re Now on Facebook Too

Here’s the first post we put up on our new Facebook page on November 25, 2020. And we’ve created a new category: Building Height. We want to get people talking about what’s going on in this little village on the coast.

Welcome to the page for 100 Friends of Port Orford! We have been around since 2015, when we first started talking about the golf course proposed for north of town. (Five years on, it’s still no more than a proposal, and their plan to use Port Orford’s recycled water is still a pipe dream.) Along the way, we weighed in on other local growth and planning issues, from commercial development to the city’s water and wastewater master plans. In each case, we sought out and posted as much data and as many public documents as we could find.

Now Port Orford is facing new development pressures. Desirable vacant parcels, especially in its commercial district, are attracting investors from all over. Does city zoning promote sustainable growth and also protect what we love about the town? The city council is currently tackling this question by attempting to legislate lower building height limits. Is this the way forward? More to come on this later. There’s still time to speak to the council, and 100 Friends of Port Orford will help you get the lay of the land. Literally.

Comments are welcome here. Posts are also welcome, but will be reviewed by a moderator before they can appear. To get an idea of who we are, visit the 100FriendsofPortOrford.org blog. It’s here that we intend to post longer essays and supporting documents. Welcome. Come back soon.