100 Friends – Really?

People say, sometimes with sarcasm, are there really that many?! Of course. If you’re reading this, you are one of them. You’re interested, maybe even actively engaged, in the life of Port Orford. Your family has been here for generations (maybe even since the 1850s when this Oldest Townsite on the Oregon Coast was founded). Or you came along a while later and fell in love with its natural beauty, its people, its arts, its history. You own a business. You are retired. You want to raise a family here. It’s a small town, but it’s a big tent.

From our About page: Although there is no formal affiliation, 100 Friends of Port Orford takes its inspiration from 1000 Friends of Oregon, the group that Oregon Governor Tom McCall founded back in 1975 to serve as the watchdog for Oregon’s pioneering land use planning program.

To be added to the 100Friends e-mail list, send a message to: info@100FriendsofPortOrford.org.
You may occasionally receive notifications of interesting meetings, as well as relevant news and analysis. There will be opinions. Dueling comments? Not so much.

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