The Proposed Golf Course

“Pacific Gales” is what the applicant, Elk River Property Development, calls it. They leased part of the Knapp Ranch (or Ranches) for a location, which is why some term it the “Knapp Ranch Golf Course.” A number of issues that stand in the way have yet to be resolved, however, so “The Proposed Golf Course” seems to fit best for the time being. All three titles are used herein.

Some background information follows.

A. Click the link below to see the page on the Curry County Web site that contains links to:

  1. Elk River Property Development’s 2014 application for Pacific Gales.
  2. Staff reports, testimony, conditions of approval, etc.
  3. Notice of appeal by Oregon Coast Alliance to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).
  4. Remand hearing and testimony following the LUBA decision, issued in May 2015.

This is the local public record regarding the golf course.

B. See the May 2015 Final Opinion and Order from (LUBA) here:  

LUBA Op Knapp Ranch Golf Course May 15

This is State of Oregon public record on the golf course appeal.

C. Below are links to some of the published articles on the golf course:

Article re Pacific Gales golf course Nov 20 2013
Article re Pacific Gales Jan 2014

Article re Knapp Ranch golf course PC Hearing Jan 31 2014
Article re Knapp Ranch ORCA Appeal Mar 15 2014
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