Decline & Fall?

Update: Golf continues its decline, according to a recent opinion piece in High Country News. It is increasingly a “sport” for the rich person, such as Donald Trump, who continues to build courses as elaborate clubs for his ilk. Millennials, especially, tend to shun golf. It is a pastime that consumes too much time, as Michael Baughman says. It is expensive to play, and for many it is no longer even good exercise, as they are carried from tee to tee in motorized carts. But perhaps most important, the creation of golf courses is devastating for beautiful, wild, natural habitats.

Why I’m Cheering Golf’s Steep Decline

Below are some earlier articles.

Not everyone believes that golf is a sport on the rise. Check out this article from Men’s Journal, June 2015 (updated in August), titled “The Death of Golf,” by Karl Taro Greenfeld, a sports and travel journalist:

Death of Golf Aug 2015

A year later, things are not looking up. Here’s another economic indicator, published in August 2016:

Nike Ends Golf Equipment Business

The Washington Post goes into greater detail in an August 5, 2016 piece:

Golf Is Back in the Olympics. Too Bad No One Plays It Anymore.