Port Orford Planning Packets

As of this writing, in March 2021, the Port Orford Planning Commission is just beginning to publicly archive its past meeting packets (which contain agendas, documents for commissioners’ consideration, and minutes of meetings) on the city Web site, as has long been done for the City Council. 100 Friends believes it’s important to have a record of past planning discussions and actions, so we offer this page. It’s our goal to keep a complete record for at least five years. If you can help fill in the months that are missing, please e-mail us: info@100friendsofportorford.org.


January 12 (with minutes of November 2020)

February 9 (with minutes of January 12)

March 9 (with minutes of February 9)

April 6 (with minutes of March 9)

May 4 (with minutes of April 6)


January 14 (with minutes of November 2019)

June 9 (with minutes of March 10)

November 10 (with minutes of October 13 + special session September 29)