Part 2: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

The county adopted a massive package of zoning changes in September with minimal outreach to citizens or the cities for their advice and consent. (See “For the Record,” posted below on September 15, for details on how this came about.)

At the public hearing on August 7, we tried to get the county to listen to all of our many objections, but without a single word of discussion the board of commissioners went ahead and approved the new ordinance anyway. The business license regulation of short-term rentals (STRs) part was needed — there had previously been no regulation at all. But allowing STRs in all rural zones should have been considered separately — as well as the dramatic new housing density increases. Because the county threw it all together, the result was a controversial mess ripe for a complete makeover.

On September 28, two county residents and Oregon Coast Alliance filed a Notice of Intent to Appeal Ordinance 22-04 with the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). We expect the brief for the appeal to be presented to LUBA within a few months and the case decided early next year. We hope the ordinance will be completely struck down.

For a one-two punch, a referendum has also been filed. If a sufficient number of signatures are gathered, the ordinance will be referred to county voters on the ballot for the regular election in May 2023. You can help by signing the petition! Details on how to do so will be available soon.

Support sensible county zoning! Support repealing Curry County Ordinance 22-04 (ZOA-2022.1)!